Recycled crayons

My kids have tons of old broken crayons, but the boys are growing out of the age where they use crayons. Now they are into colored pencils and markers. So, I figured there must be something I could do with all of our old crayons—other than throwing them out. So one afternoon, we made them into giant recycled crayons. Heres what we did.

First, we peeled off all the paper and chopped the crayons into small pieces.

My little one helped me with the chopping
My little one helped me with the chopping

We coated our mini loaf pans with vegetable oil,  put all the pieces into the pans (you could also use muffin tins or other smaller forms).

Mini loaf pans
Mini loaf pans

We put them in the oven at 180° C (ca. 350° F) for about 7 minutes, and then we let them cool. It was that simple. 

They look a bit like colorful iPhone covers, don't they?
“New” multicolored chunky crayons made out of old ones.

The kids are very happy with their “brand new” recycled crayons. It has renewed their interest in coloring—at least temporarily.

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