Framing kids’ outgrown trophy shirts in three easy steps

Here’s a nice and decorative way to preserve your kids’ outgrown t-shirts from sporting and other memorable events: frame them instead of throwing them away. What you will need is:

  • t-shirt
  • iron
  • marking pen (ideally dressmaker’s chalk, but a ballpoint pen or a pencil works fine too)
  • scissors
  • a frame
  • glue (optional)

First, iron the center of the t-shirt  (area to be framed), and lay it flat.


outgrown t-shirt
My son came in second in this race. However, he has outgrown the t-shirt.

Remove the backing of your frame and trace around it, leaving approximately 1 cm on all sides. Cut along these lines.

cutting lines
Be sure to check that your logo is correctly placed before you start cutting.

Carefully place the t-shirt into the frame and stretch it taut around the back, so that the cut edges are outside of the backing.(If you’d like, you can place a small dot of glue on each corner of the backing before placing it against the t-shirt. However, this isn’t even necessary if you are planning on hanging it on a wall.) Secure the backing within the frame.

Framed trophy t-shirt—a nice addition to your child's room.
Framed trophy t-shirt—a nice addition to your child’s room.

Voila. Happy Mother’s Day to all the proud mommies (and daddies).

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