Last-minute Indian costume

I attended a total of five end-of-the-school-year parties last week. Five! In a seven-day week. It was a bit berserk. In addition to preparing all of the food to bring along to the potlucks and basically living out of my picnic basket, I had to costume my two boys for their “Indian”-themed (Native American) boy scouts party/sports day. Of course, the boy scouts only sent out the notice about the theme a few days in advance.

So I rummaged through my stash of costumes and discovered that I did, indeed, have an Indian costume. But only one.

I had a clown, several knights, and a cowboy, but alas, only one Indian.
I keep a suitcase full of kids’ costumes.
I had a clown, several knights, and a cowboy,
but alas, only one Indian…

When the costumes had been on sale, in my motherly wisdom, I had bought one Indian and one cowboy. I think there is some logic there, but it didn’t really help me with my dilemma. I needed two Indian costumes.

So, with some help from my big bag o’ scraps, I refashioned an old, stained, nearly outgrown t-shirt that was destined for doom into the second costume.

Indian shirt
I had the basic idea, but my 7-year-old gets credit for the design. He told me he wanted a box on the shirt and what colors it should be.

It wasn’t going to—as they say—win any prizes (and there was a prize for the best costume), but it got us through the event. And with some help from a store-bought headdress from last year’s Indian event, it was perfect for the sports day. At any rate, I didn’t worry about it getting ruined.

Indian costume
One little “Indian” boy
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